Goal: To Create a Satir Training Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia which would serve five or more countries.


The Institute for International Connections, a Satir Global Affiliate,(501 C3) has been working in former Soviet countries since 1990, following Virginia’s work there in Spring 1988 before she died. We have gone at the request of people there to help with recovery from oppression and to train person in Satir Methods. This is particularly critical now in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. Pictured are a group of persons from those countries who have been attending workshops on Satir in the last 10 years. Now they and more people not pictured want to commit to a two year certificate training program to ready them to work with such critical issues as the fall-out from the war in Ukraine, the continual border conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and developing human values in these countries that, except for Georgia are being led by former KGB leadership. This is why we locate in Tbilisi, Georgia. All these people can come there whereas for example, Armenians cannot go to Azerbaijan and visa-versa. Teachers will be a team from various countries where Satir work is strong, Readings will be Satir’s People Making published in Moscow and other works we hope to get partially translated. All the people speak Russian though they don’t like to speak the language of the oppressor. We strive to honor their own languages as well, but reading materials will be translated into Russian. We have raised $45,000 and to do the program at its best including handouts and use of equipment to teach on line as well as send people there most of the time as work is experiential would cost $125,000. Sasha Cherymunkin who is Azeri, knows these people as he has been translating with us. (He also now has a PhD in Social work and some training in Satir) He would also translate more Satir materials. We intend for this to be one graduating class and more to follow, connected with the University of Tbilisi School of Social work.

All IIC projects are open for cross-cultural participation.

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Maureen Graves and Laura Dodson are going to Thailand leaving August 12 to do a Satir/Jung training with a university  faculty and students in Bangkok which will be from August 16 through August 20, 2016. This will be followed by an advanced training for former students in Bangkok August 22- through August 25.  We welcome others to join us as participants.  Going with us means personal connection with psychology professionals, social workers, doctors, nurses and offers a far deeper insight into the Thai culture than one could ever get as a tourist. 

Those who join can have tours of various sights in Bangkok while we are there.  Estimated cost in country is $115 per day ($1150 high end estimate for all room and board and transportation other than site seeing., the fees for the workshops of approximately $300 each,($600), and $400 to I.I.C. totaling $2150 in country.  Any fees for tourist sites and transportation to them are not included but will be minimal. 

One can fly China air to Thailand from Denver to Bangkok for $1150 at this very minute.  We have an agent with whom you can work.

Join us for an experience of a lifetime!!  Contact  Rose Sweeny, Roses5@mindspring.com_

IIC secretary or Laura Dodson, IIC president, 720-480-8146 or laurasdodson@yahoo.com

We need to make final plans by August 1.  Contact us soon.

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The Institute for International Connections is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


The Institute for International Connections for Personal and Cultural Growth (I.I.C.) is a non-profit organization that promotes cross-cultural understanding and collaboration in developing peace-oriented, democratic systems. Since 1990, I.I.C. has worked in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia to provide links, programs, networks, and opportunities to people in human services, education, and business.

Inspired by the pioneering family systems therapist, Virginia Satir, I.I.C. uses a multi-layered approach to change, involving the individual, family, community, and workplace.  IIC is affiliated with the Virginia Satir Global Network, IHLRN, UNC-CH School of Social Work and Peoplemaking of Colorado.

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